14 Oct 2019

I love the people who surround me in my life and fill it with pleasure and good vibrations. It’s hard to find the right words to write down how much inspiration I get from them and especially through the people I was lucky enough to meet through skateboarding. Due to these influences I had the energy to evolve my personality on the creative and as well on the technical perspective.


I’m really happy about my personal development through all these years which is why I want to share a new chapter with you. Next Friday I have an exhibition with my lovely friend Marise at her place. It’s about my latest experiments with portrait photography and expired Polaroid and Fujifilm peel-apart film on a Hasselblad 500cm. With different techniques I recovered the negative of the film which people normally use to garbage directly. The outcome of the negatives are very special and really depend on precision and dedication I put into every single image.


Join the vernissage next Friday evening and let me inspire you with the fascination I’ve found in this development technique.